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GoodMove approved for Brussels. What is it about?

The #GoodMove plan for #Brussels has been approved last week.

The main target is to reduce by 24% the use of individual cars.

The measures are the following (source in comments):

📍Divide the Region into some fifty mesh areas

📍Use the STOP principle (1. 🚶‍♀️ walk, 2. 🚲 bike, 3. 🚊Public transport, 4. 🚙 car)

📍Remove about 65.000 parking spots. Today cars are using about 70% of the public space needed for other means of transport

📍Improve safety with the introduction of the 30km/h zone

📍Innovate with the introduction of the MaaS (Mobility as a Service)

This will have an impact on the daily commutes of people working in Brussels. In this context, it is crucial for companies to consider mobility management as a whole (incl. fleet, parking, bike, MaaS, eV charging, homeworking, ...)


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