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🚲🚀 Speedpedelec: allowed in my fleet or not?

Type of bike comparison (e-bike vs speedpedelec)
Compare different kind of bike (in French) from DIV (

🗒 First of all, what is the différence between e-bikes and speed pedelecs:

- The e-bike engine is limited to 250W and the speed pedelec 4000W

- The e-bike assist you up to 25km/h, the speed pedelec up to 45km/h

The average speed of a speed pedelec is 28km/h in cities and 32km/h out of cities (vs 22km/h for an e-bike)

- an e-bike is considered as a bike, a speed pedelec looks like as a bike but is considered a moped.

It needs a licence plate, insurance, a horn, etc. You need a helm and a driver licence to ride with it

You have to follow the moped rules (not allowed on bicycle lanes except if specified).

📈 More and more speed pedelecs are available on the market, even cargo bikes versions.

Carrying kids is allowed if there is a security system i.e. seat belt.

⛑ The return on the safety aspect is limited but rather positive.

Propose training (even for e-bikes) on how to ride a bike in cities with the bike to reduce the risk.

What would make cycling safer? (cartoon from Dave Walker)
(cartoon from Dave Walker)

✅ So Yes I would allow speed pedelecs in a fleet as they increase the range accessible by bike, becoming an alternative to the car of some employees.

❓And you, do you have experience with speed pedelecs?

Please share in the comments.


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