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Mobility coaching

🚀 Are you the HRD, CEO or CFO of an SME? Are you ready to make the transition to greener, more multimodal mobility but don't know where to start? Will you find the mobility budget complex to implement? Don't know how to electrify your fleet? Who should you contact to install charging points? How much space does a bike park take up? How can you integrate mobility into a more attractive salary package at a neutral cost? How can you motivate employees to make the transition?

Mobility is in a state of flux, and climate awareness, new tax regimes, the need to attract the right talent, new technologies and the post-covid way of working have all changed employees' expectations when it comes to travel.

You don't have the resources to develop your mobility? You don't have the budget to outsource to consultants? Are you motivated but don't know how to go about it?

Next Mobility offers tailor-made support to help you implement your mobility project!

🔍 What does the mobility coaching involve?

10 hours of support to guide you through the practicalities of implementing your plans.

We answer all your questions, guide you through the actions to be taken and connect you with the suppliers suited to your needs; this saves you precious time.

💡 Use your 10 hours as you see fit, with total flexibility.

📋 What it includes

We're industry experts with over 10 years of experience, offering neutral market expertise. We provide you with policy and contract templates to speed up your projects, without wasting time googling.


👥 Who will support you?

At Next Mobility André, Benoit and Nicolas are mobility enthusiasts with specific expertise in different areas from Compensation & Benefits to the electrification of a car park. Depending on your needs, the most relevant expert will answer your questions.

⏰ Why act now?

The transition to business mobility is a crucial factor in making your company more attractive and controlling your costs. It requires a variety of skills and, above all, time to meet your employees' needs. Calling on us means

  • Save time

  • Improving the well-being of your employees

  • Offering attractive benefits to candidates

  • Optimising your financial resources and controlling your budgets

  • Contributing to a more sustainable world

💰 What is your investment?

We offer a 10-hour support package that you can use as and when you need it. Maximum flexibility, minimum investment.


📅 Want to tell us about your case?

Take advantage of 30 free minutes with one of our experts to go through your specific situation together. 

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