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MaaS: THE solution?

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

Last week DriveNow left Brussels and this week, STIB-MIVB announces the launch of a MaaS test with 2000.

When talking about mobility management, we hear a lot about #MaaS (#Mobility as a Service).

The questions are :

📌 What do we need on top of the current #publictransport offer?

📌 Which kind of services?

📌 For whom?

📌 When?

📌 Why?

Most of the commuters are going every day at their office (except #homeworking days). And most of them are doing every day the same commute the same way. They will change only in case of change (a move of their company, a new job or new laws for example) or once they are open, they tested it and they are ready to change.

Using a MaaS route planner to go home is like using Waze for a daily #commute but one step further. This requires definitely to be informed, coached, pass by a test phase to be convinced and make this change real.

I share Xavier Tackoen’s point of view in his last interview for La Libre by Tom Guillaume (ref bellow) that Mobility services make sense when they help you to go where you can not go with the public transport, as Cambio Brussels / cambio Autodelen Vlaanderen is doing well for example. The pricing has to be aligned with this kind of trip as well. As Xavier mentioned, the pricing remains an open question.

More info regarding the MaaS test from STIB-MIVB or in Le Soir:


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