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We are mobility experts sharing their experience and passion

Next Mobility is a consultancy firm that was founded by Nicolas Verstraete and André Simonart with the aim of bringing a fresh perspective to the world of consultancy. They believe that many ambitious projects fail due to a of focus on the operational and human aspects of the project. Next Mobility puts in place realistic and operable strategies that take into account the processes simplification and the accompaniment of the human in the change and the acquisition of new habits.

The founders of Next Mobility understand that the majority of ambitious projects remain at the stage of powerpoints and then put back in the drawers. They believe that this is due to the lack of a realistic and operable strategy that takes into account the human aspect of the project. Next Mobility aims to simplify processes and provide realistic and operable strategies to help clients achieve their goals.

The consultancy firm believes that the key to success is to provide support for human change and habit acquisition. They understand that change can be difficult, and that it is important to provide support and guidance to help clients navigate the process. Next Mobility is committed to providing this support, and to helping clients achieve their goals in a way that is both realistic and sustainable.

Overall, Next Mobility is a consultancy firm that is committed to providing clients with the support and guidance they need to achieve their goals. The founders, Nicolas Verstraete and André Simonart, bring a unique perspective to the world of consultancy, and are dedicated to helping clients succeed in a way that is both realistic and sustainable.








Picture of André Simonart

André Simonart

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André has in-depth knowledge of vehicle sales and after-sales, leasing and financing, developing new green  mobility offering combining cars and 2-wheels. He knows inside out key approaches and tools to manage and optimize fleet, as well as implementing corporate mobility management. André is both a listener and a doer, and he is very strong in operation, people and change management.

Picture of Nicolas Verstraete

Nicolas Verstraete

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Nicolas' experience combines big corporates, startups and SME’s.  He led data mining and modelling projects to optimize fleet, energy management and operations. 

He developed and implemented several smart parking solutions, bike offers, electric vehicles and mobility management  solutions. Nicolas knows most Belgian mobility startup and corporate players. He is hands-on for delivering tangible results , hand-in-hand with customers.

Picture of Benoit Loosveld

Benoit Loosveld

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After a 20-year career in Compensation & Benefits (HR), Benoit worked on his passion for the 3 years at Befimmo and to work every day on mobility for his colleagues and buildings. These 3 years have given him the opportunity to take up some exciting challenges related to these new forms of mobility, whether it be the electrification of the car fleet, but above all the installation of charging points in the buildings' car parks, the creation of attractive and functional car parks for active mobility, rewarding collaborations with Espaces-Mobilités or Traject, the implementation of the federal mobility budget, and all the change management of our team for our move to Central, etc.

And today, he decided to change gear : to do even more to change mobility and make our journeys more sustainable, while improving everyone's quality of life, by making these journeys less polluting, more fulfilling, but above all more active! Quite simply, to help us think about alternative, active mobility solutions!


Picture of Rémi Quintin

Rémi Quintin

Our team can rely on the regular support of a lawyer from the Brussels Bar Association.

Rémi combines legal and operational experience both in a law firm and in public administration.  He has been passionate about mobility for many years and applies the mindful mobility in his day to day life.
He brings to Next Mobility the legal perspective often required for mobility projects within companies and organisations taken into account operational and human constraints.

Looking for a new challenge? contact us.

We are looking for mobility champions!

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