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🚀 Ready to transform your company's mobility? 💼

🔍 The Company Commuting Plan (PDE or BVP) and the federal diagnosis are often perceived as tedious formalities. In reality, they are unique opportunities to get to the heart of your employees' mobility and understand their needs.

What are PDE-BVP and federal diagnostics?

This enables the federal and Brussels-Capital authorities to gain a better understanding of how workers travel and how this is changing, so that they can direct their actions and investments to make commuting even easier.

Why is this an opportunity for you?

💡 Behind every commute are unique stories, personal preferences and sometimes unsuspected challenges that have a strong influence on the well-being and commitment of your employees.


But what else?

Understanding the needs of your employees, as well as the challenges and opportunities of corporate mobility, will enable you to build effective solutions tailored to your company and the needs of your employees.

Why conduct a survey instead of simply filling in forms?

🔍 The real value of a survey? It provides a direct understanding of your employees' needs, frustrations and aspirations in terms of mobility. What's more, employees feel valued because it gives a voice to those who are far removed from the decision-making processes.

What are the benefits?

📋 By digging deeper than the statistical data, you identify the emotional and practical levers that can truly transform the way your employees get around. The information gathered from the survey then becomes a goldmine for designing more inclusive, flexible and sustainable mobility policies.

So survey or no survey?

🌱 In short, investing in an in-depth survey as part of the MP or federal diagnosis means investing in the well-being of your employees, in the efficiency of your company, and in a more sustainable future for everyone. 

What can you do in practical terms?

Want to know how to conduct a survey? What questions should you ask? How do you communicate? Which form should you use? Receive our free complete guide on how to carry out your own survey.

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