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Post lockdown mobility habits of Belgians

Maestromobile and Espaces-Mobilités published the results of their survey on post lockdown mobility habits of Belgians.

Here are some of the main conclusions (more details by following the link in the comments):

📌 43% have the intention to change their mobility

📌 22% will use less their car (and 9% will not use it anymore)

📌 34% intend to use more bike or steps

What is interesting to see as well are the reason of those changes: safety, environment and physical activity are the three main reasons to change for another way.

From a mobility management point of view, it is the perfect timing to propose and promote alternatives to employees. What do you plan to implement within your companies?

Thanks Diego Eggermont, Géraud Nève, Guillaume Servonnat and Xavier Tackoen for this!


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