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How and where bicycles are used in Brussels?

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

Bike Citizens published on their website a heat map of the bicycle usage in Brussels (first picture). We can clearly see the axe Tervuren-Montgomery-Loi which is (in normal time) quite crowded. On the other side, #bike is used everywhere, most of the streets are used in the city centre.

And what about the shared bikes? JUMP Bikes published also a heat map with the use of their #ebikes.

In both cases, it is the pentagon and the south-east zone (Ixelles, Etterbeek) which is the most used. Frederik Depoortere (FietsManagerVélo at Bruxelles Mobilité) presented recently (find the slides here) the recent evolution of the bicycle infrastructure in #Brussels with the deployment of the ICR, the cyclostrades and the tests put in place to move faster.

The potential is there but how to convert your colleagues to the use of the bicycle? Set up training, coaching, tests, communication action, offer bike leasing, etc. Let's have a chat if you need more info regarding mobility management for your company. #commuting #goodmove #commute #commuters #mobilitymanagement #bicycle #bikes #cycling #globalmobility


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