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Electric vehicles are coming and fleet electrification in a country like Belgium is a hot topic

The chart below from the EV Database is quite interesting. It shows the electricity consumption of most of the electric vehicles. The difference between a Hyundai Ioniq or even a Tesla Model 3 (around 15 kwh/100km) and the AUDI AG E-Tron or Jaguar iPace (around 23 kwh/100km) is more than significant.

You might think that it is the same order Of magnitude than the difference in fuel consumption between « regular » car and big SUV’s.

It is true.

Except that for electric vehicles autonomy and charging time are the two main barriers when we talk about electrification.

Working on electricity consumption as Lightyear is doing with his One or Sono Motors GmbH will increase range and reduce charging time.

It is definitely an interesting element to tale into account when comparing electric cars. Make the test with "A better route planner" (see the link in comment) to see the impact on your usual trips.


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