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🚲 Today (3rd of June) is the world bicycle day 🚴🏼‍♀️🚴🚴🏾‍♂️.

In this post-covid period, implementing company bikes is requested by many employees

(see an increase of bicycle use in the chart).

Evolution of bikes in Brussels

What the best timing to highlight some of the main stages:

1. 📈 Highlight the potential: how many of your employees could switch to bike?

Different methods and approach could be used here.

2. 🎯 Find the supplier that fits your needs.

Each supplier has its own characteristics in terms of bicycles, services and operational process.

3. 📝 Define process and policy.

Integrate this with your existing tools.

Define a detailed bike policy.

Keep in mind to make it easy to switch to a bike

4. 📢 Communicate and activate.

Communicate using the usual needs within your company (incl. testimonials)

Organise short and long term tests, training, challenges, etc.

Adapt the bicycle infrastructure (parking, changing rooms, etc.) if needed

Already implemented on your side? let us know how did it go.

The topic is currently on the table? let us know your main issue(s).


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