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Mobility post covid is a hot topic 🚌 🚗 🚈 🚋 🚲 🛴 🛵 🚕.

Last week both Deloitte Belgium and Arthur D. Little together with UITP published a report on the topic.

Aled Walker together with Stijn Vandeweyer and Timothy Bruneel highlight in their report three pillars:

1. Increase attractiveness of alternatives to car

2. Refresh fiscal strategy to enable behavior change

3. If you drive, drive green

The good news is that two-thirds are looking for a mobility budget for all (2d pillar).

Future of mobility post covid: 3 pillars

François-Joseph Van Audenhove together with Guillaume Rominger, Rick Eagar, Jerome Pourbaix, Emmanuel DOMMERGUES and Jerome Carlier focus more on #MaaS by highlighting 6 game changers:

1. Think and act at system level: develop a unified long-term mobility vision

2. Foster innovation through public-private collaborations on innovative technology and business model development

3. Set up a unified mobility management model, enabling real-time optimization of mobility flows and assets at city or national level

4. Build intimacy and proactively engage with clients

5. Accelerate digitalization of both offerings and operations for preference and resilience

6. Evolution of established crisis management approaches to better anticipate risks and improve resilience of operations


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