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Mobility budget for all 🚀

Good news: our new government announced their plan to introduce a mobility budget also for people without cars. Some points interesting to consider when implementing the mobility budget: 📍 Real fuel consumption (and it's related costs) has to be taken into account when using the budget. This is the case even if the budget is based on an average km (and an average TCO). 📍 Public transport costs are not considered in the budget "IN" if the employee already has an abonnement for more than 3 months. Georges Gilkinet this is something to improve in the next version to make it more flexible. 📍 On the other side, parking costs could be included in the TCO (i.e. in the budget "IN") Some other interesting report published recently: 📌 The Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Engineering IAO published a report on the real consumption of PHEV and the comparison between private and company cars (see chart)

Comparison between countries of PHEV

📌 WWF published their point of view regarding the SUV sales. Those are less efficient than regular cars, consume more and cost more. i.e. their impact on the environment should be considered. (And the electric version will not solve this). All references are on our website. #mobilitybudget #MobilityManagement #Mobility


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