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Great mobility news this week

🚀 Brussels and its Good Move Plan won The European Sustainable Urban Mobility Planning (SUMP) Award from the European Commission.

The feedback is inspiring: "The jury was particularly impressed by its approach to reaching these goals, which sees the city as an ‘ecosystem’.

The city’s achievements are underpinned by strong stakeholder outreach,

impressive citizen participation,

and the implementation of “superblocks”,

an innovative urban planning concept."

The goals mentioned are the following:

  • having zero road traffic deaths by 2030

  • restricting car usage

  • reducing the speed limit to 30 kilometres per hour by 2021

  • increasing the number of pedestrianised zones

Good Move objectives

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Evolution of bicycle usage in Brussels

🅿️ A new solution Park + bike is proposed in Brussels.

This includes free (and easy access) parking combined with shared mobility (bicycles & steps)

Shared mobility is expected to grow in the coming month as it is an excellent alternative to public transport.

In terms of mobility management, the momentum is there to go for a mobility policy (incl. bike, MaaS, parking mgt, etc.)

Map of Park + Bike in Brussels


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