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Free parking close to train stations is the most popular measure to improve mobility.

This is what came out of the last national survey made by Vias institute.

This highlights also that:

📍 1 out of 5 Belgians used an e-bike last year.

Two times more than 5 years ago.

📍 Over last year 80% of the Belgians used a car, 51% used a bicycle, 18% an e-bike, 5% a step and 1% a speed pedelec.

📍 The use of public transport decrease from 50% to 39% mainly due to the covid crisis

📍 The most popular measures to improve mobility are parking close to stations (85%), better cycling infrastructure (82%) and on-street parking around cities centres (75%).

📍 Speed and distraction (use of GPS or mobile phone when driving) are the main unsafe behaviours

Some other mobility news:

📌 New car sales are still dropping in Belgium (-21% in February), second-hand remains stable.

📌 Belgian Interregional Environment Agency (IRCEL - CELINE) publish now Belgian map with a high level of detail in terms of historical emissions.

You can see the air quality for the last 24 hours for different emissions such as Ozon, Nitrogen Dioxide, Particulate Matter, etc.

This highlights well the traffic density and its impact on air quality.


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