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Official launch of mybike!

🎉 Exciting News! 🚲 Yesterday marked the official launch of mybike! 🚀 What exactly is mybike, you ask?

Let me tell you about it:

1️⃣ Unique Unremovable Stickers: Each bicycle is now equipped with special stickers that serve as a foolproof authentication method. These stickers not only certify the bike's authenticity but also help in identifying stolen bikes. 🔍

2️⃣ Centralized Federal Database: Say hello to efficiency! 📊 All bike information, including unique codes and characteristics, is now centralized at a federal level. Developed in collaboration with the police and utilizing guaranteed authentication via itsme, this database is a game-changer in the fight against bike theft. 🛡️

3️⃣ Free Registration Website: Registering your bike has never been easier! 🌐 With our user-friendly website, you can now register your bike for free and instantly check its status to see if it's been reported stolen. Peace of mind is just a few clicks away! ✅

Why is mybike important, you ask? 🤔 Well, let me break it down for you:

🔐 Decreased Theft Risk: By providing a reliable method of authentication and identification, mybike significantly reduces the risk of bicycle theft. 🚫👮‍♂️

🚲 Promoting Cycling: Theft is one of the major deterrents to cycling. By addressing this issue, mybike not only protects your investment but also encourages more people to embrace cycling as a mode of transportation. 🌍

Now, let's talk about how mybike stacks up against existing solutions:

🔍 Vs. Engraving: Unlike traditional engraving methods that tie the bike's identity to the first owner's national register number, mybike's unique number stays with the bike regardless of ownership changes. This means seamless transfers and easier identification for law enforcement. 🔄

🌟 Vs. MyBikeBrussels: Think of mybike as the upgraded, federal-level version of MyBikeBrussels. With expanded functionality and accessibility, mybike now empowers both the police and the justice system to combat bike theft effectively. 🤝

Join us in celebrating the launch of mybike and let's pedal towards a safer, more bike-friendly future! 🎉🚲 


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