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📊 Check out these eye-opening EV figures from the latest report from Transport & Environment!

Here's a concise summary of the key findings

🔍 Market Share Insights:

Electric cars saw a significant increase in market share, reaching nearly 16% in Europe in 2023, up from 14% in 2022. 🚗💥

🛑 Challenges Ahead:

Despite this progress, the report highlights a crucial hurdle: carmakers struggle to deliver affordable EVs, hindering further adoption. 🤔

They keep focussing on cars providing higher margins (such as SUV's) as already highlighted by ETUI.

💡 Insufficient Availability:

Over the past three years, only 18 new EV models have been introduced in the small and affordable segments, compared to 55 in the large and expensive segments. 📅🔍

📈 Consumer Preferences vs. Offerings:

Only 17% of EVs sold in Europe are compact cars, while demand for affordable EVs is notably high. 📉💰 (vs 37% if we look at the combustion engines)

🌍 Market Impact:

Rising EV prices in Europe by 39% since 2015, contrasting with a 53% decrease in China, pose accessibility challenges for consumers. 💼💰

🔚 Call to Action:

It's time for the industry to address these disparities and focus on delivering affordable EVs to meet market demand. 🌱💪

🫵 And you?

How do you tackle this evolution of the offer in your company?

How does the price and size of company cars take into account?


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