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Corporate mobility in Belgium 🇧🇪 compared with other European countries, where are we?

Belgium is the more mature 🏆 !

Fleet Europe published recently its Mobility Maturity Map in collaboration with Deloitte,1st Mobility GmbH, and Unity Willis Towers Watson;

In this report, five transforming forces have been identified:

1. Level of urbanisation

2. Corporate intent for sustainable change in mobility

3. Uptake of public transport vs passenger cars

4. Availability of alternative mobility providers

5. Supporting legislation and fiscal incentives

In the table below, you can observe that Belgium scores the highest in terms of "Supporting legislation" and "corporate demand".

Table illustrating the maturity of european countries for corporate mobility
source: Fleet Europe

On the other side, we have 28% of the population in urban areas (the UK has 40% for example).

The main focus of Belgian corporates is the increase of sustainable measures (more than 80%) whereas 50% wants to increase flexibility. We can deduct from the charts, that a focus is on cleaner vehicles with a focus on company cars

Introducing cleaner vehicles is the third pillar of the "Avoid - Shift - Improve" approach coming after the two other ones.

When looking at the charts dedicated to public transport 🚌 and bicycles 🚲have a lower priority than clean cars.

22% of the jobs in Belgium have the right to a company car. In opposition, since the 1st of May, bicycle kilometre refunds can be requested by all working people in Belgium (in the private sector).

A clean car should also be clearly defined. We hear and see plenty of advertising boosting orders of (plug-in) hybrid cars before the 1st of July. Those are not "clean" or "sustainable".

There is still room for improvement there.

One Belgian corporation out of 3 plans a future review. This is a good sign.

A complete mobility strategy with a new mobility policy will have a positive impact on employees' well-being.

When working on the topic, it is key to consider the full picture and especially the operational implementation and the change management.

It is there that with support from André Simonart with Next Mobility | Mobility Strategy, Mobility Optimisation, Mobility Shift for example, you can save a lot of time and energy.

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