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Cargo Bike to carry children

Before starting to set up a mobility management strategy, we analyse the modal shift potential of companies. #bikes and electric bikes are usually part of the solution. The feedback from the client is often: "Ok, yes but I have to bring my kids to school".

Today, I would like to highlight the different possibilities in terms of carrying kids by bike:

🚲 ebike + trailer: easiest and cheapest solution if you already have an ebike. It is also the most flexible. On the other side, the weight (and kids size) is limited and it is not optimal for the bike itself.

Examples: Thule Chariot or Croozer

Thule Chariot
Credit: Thule

🚲 Longtail: Solution to carry up to three kids behind the rider. Those bikes are easy to ride with or without kids but the kids are not protected from rain or cold weather.

Examples: Radrunner Radwagon, Bike43 or Bicicapace Justlong

Bicicapace Justlong
Credit: Bicicapace

🚲 Long John (or 2wheel bakfiets): Solution to carry up to three kids in front of the rider. The kids are well protected (incl. belt), could carry a heavy load with a low centre of gravity. Some are really fun to ride. Those bikes could be heavy and more expensive.

Examples: Riese & Müller Load, Urban Arrow Family or Douze Cycles

Urban Arrow Family
Credit: Urban Arrow

🚲 Trike (or 3wheel bakfiets): Solution to carry up to four kids in front of the rider. This is the most stable solution but not the easiest to manoeuvre.

Examples: Butcher & Bicycles or Babboe Curve

Babboe Curve
Credit: Babboe

The best to determine the one that fits your needs is to test it (with your kids).

I'm riding a Long John on a daily basis with my 3 kids and I really enjoy it. What about you?


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