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1 out of 3 commutes is done by bike 🚲

You may have seen the results of the Acerta surveys on mobility in 2020.

Of course, 2020 has been a very special year and those results have to be considered carefully.

If we compare with 2019, bicycles increased by 2,8% and cars by 0,8%.

Even if those days car manufacturers talk a lot about "clean" or "ecological" car, bikes, public transport and other alternatives remain significantly cleaner (especially if we consider the lifetime value).

And by experience, talks you can have with other commuters are much more enriching than a chat with your car 😆

Some other mobility news:

📌 the Federal Planning Bureau published its last results regarding the household expenditure for transport reaching 11% in 2019 (with a growth of 17% vs 14% of the expenditure in general)

📌 the Global Environmental Change journal published a paper highlighting the benefits of modal shift even for a day.

📌 Gent will have its first "turbo roundabout" (see picture below)


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