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🚆 When is it more interesting to provide single tickets to your employees than a subscription?

The chart below illustrates the commuting days tipping point to move from daily tickets to subscription.


Note that "Rail-Pass" (83 euros for 10 trips all over Belgium) has been considered here when it was cheaper than usual tickets.

Half time subscription looks quite interesting, especially those days, but it is quite heavy to implement.

With such a subscription, you get a paper ticket with 5 trips each direction valid for 15 days.

This need to be renewed by post or at the train station.

It is much heavier than usual train subscription (and I do not talk about the company side of this implementation).

For the STIB-MIVB, the tipping point is at 15 days a month of commuting (switch between yearly subscription and 10 journey trip Jump Card).

For De Lijn and TEC pricing is more complex and depends on the distance and the type of bus.

Compare to STIB-MIVB, less commuting days seems to be needed to make the yearly subscription cheaper.

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