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What do you expect to change for mobility in 2021?

First of all, my best wishes for 2021.

Here are some of the changes as of 1st of Jan 2021:

📌 Car manufacturers have to make the CO2 WLTP test and NEDC 2.0 is optional (except for cars with CO2 emissions lower than 50gCO2/km).

In Belgium, one can choose the one to use for the benefit in kind and the fiscality (depending on the available values).

How do you consider this in your fleet? Did you update the CO2 limit? Adapt the budget to keep the same car level? or not?

📌 CO2 references used to compute the benefit in kind will only decrease or stay constant in the coming years. Before they could also increase if the average Belgian fleet CO2 emissions were increasing (which was the case).

📌 30km/h in most of the Brussels region making the bicycle, steps and public transport are even more competitive.

The map below is an estimate of the points you can reach in less than 20 minutes from the Grand Place in Brussels using public transport (blue), bike (pink) or car (orange).

Map Reachable points Brussels

📌 Cash for car is definitely over.

What to expect for 2021?

📌 A legal mobility budget for all with better management of the public transport and other mobility means (i.e. not only focused on the costs of cars)

What do you expect for 2021?


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