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Train or Plane? 🚅 or 🛫 ?

Which is the fastest?

Damien Lepage from Ecole Polytechnique de Louvain@UCLouvain together with NMBS-SNCB published a map comparing the two door-to-door.

This shows that for trip smaller than 450 km the trains is the fastest.

Did you know that the mobility budget could be used to buy a train ticket (within the European Union)? but not a plane ticket.

Night trains are coming back which are also a good alternative to the car (especially if you can put your own car on the train as it was the case years ago).

This could be a solution to reduce range anxiety of EV's and queues at the Tesla superchargers.

Some other news:

📌 Fastned opens its first fast charger in Belgium 🇧🇪

📌 the covid start showing his impact on the traffic (see TomTom traffic index)

📌 In Flanders, an initiative called "Straatvinken" supported by the University of Antwerp and KU Leuven will try to show for the 4th time the negative impact of motorized traffic on the livability of streets.


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