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Plug-in hybrid cars (PHEV) vs full-electric cars (EV)

Transport & Environment (T&E) recently published a summary of different studies regarding the real consumption of plug-in hybrid cars.

The average gap is about 265% between the official consumption and the measured one.

It is not clearly specified if the reference is the WLTP or the NEDC but the impact is limited for PHEV vehicles.

It is aligned with the consumptions observed by my clients.

PHEV are more fiscal cars than the real alternative as they are more complex and heavier than usual cars.

Going for a PHEV is risky:

📍 Taxation is changing so quickly that the BIK could significantly increase in the coming years.

📍 With the mobility budget, the real fuel costs have to be counted. A PHEV would then cost much more than a classic thermal car.

📍 From a lifecycle analysis, combining an existing thermal car with public transport or bicycle is much greener and stable from a fiscal and cost point of view.

Offering renting voucher or the mobility budget with an electric car is much more interesting for a company.


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