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New year, good wishes and resolutions - the Modal Split commutes in 2023

New year,

The web is full of good wishes and resolutions.

Which are yours?

At Next Mobility, we will continue to unlock all the potential sustainable commutes and work-related mobility.

First of all, where are we, in Belgium, regarding modal split commutes? 

Acerta published some interesting figures:

📌 🚗 🚙 More and more people have a company car 

(23,5% in 2024, vs 23% in 2023 and 22,3% in 2022)

i.e. The potential for the mobility budget is there!

📌 ⚡🚗 10% of those company cars are now electric (more x2 compared to 2023)

Fuel split company cars
source: Acerta

📌 🚲 🚲 39% commute partly or fully using their bicycle: 15,3% use only bike only, 22% combine with the car and 1,3% with public transport

Modal split commuting
source: Acerta

📌 🚆 🚍 Public transport share is back to the pre-pandemic level.

Modal split evolution
source: Acerta

2024 is "PDE" or federal diagnostic year. This means that the biggest companies will have to ask how their employee commute. 

This is an excellent opportunity to better understand the reason for the modal choices and the barriers to change.

Is Mobility part of your resolution?

Do you want to implement changes pragmatically, realistically and effectively?

With factual results?

Ask us (André Simonart or myself) to save time (and money).


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