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#Mobility is moving those days.

EV with a 1600 km battery, zone 30, night trains and L'Echo publishing an article on electrification and its impact,

📌 Aptera Motors announced their first electric car with very low electricity consumption of about 6,2 kWh/100 km.

A Tesla Model 3, Hyundai Motor Company Ioniq and Volkswagen ID.3 consume about 15-16 kWh/100 km and Jaguar iPace or Audi E-Tron are more at 23 kWh/100 km

The spirit is the same as the Lightyear focusing on energy efficiency more than fitting on our current standards and status.

We almost find back the spirit of the Lotus 7.

📌 As of 1st of January 2021 Brussels speed limit will be 30 with some exception (see the map below).

With such a speed limit (e)bikes and public transport will become even more an alternative.

A good opportunity to develop parking and mobility hubs with public transport and bike boxes.

If those trains can carry cars, this would be the ideal solution for holiday periods, especially with electric cars (avoiding queues at charging stations for example) much more safe and green.


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