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How will #Homeworking evolve? 🏠

How to manage the return to the office? 🏢

Two recent interviews on the topic highlight key elements in these matters:

📻 Jean-Paul Erhard from Peoplesphere, yesterday (25/08) on "La Première"

📰 Ann Caluwaerts, An Dewaele, Hellen Smeets, Koen Maerevoet and Christophe Ballegeer, 19/08 in De Tijd

📻 Anouk van Oordt from we are OOO, 21/08 on "Tendance première"

Some outcome:

👉 Everyone has to find the perfect mix between home working and office.

👉 Homeworking in good conditions can improve individual well-being but has an impact on the collective one.

Today's situation is different from the one in March (kids at home or not for example).

👉 The return to the office has to be organised and correspond to a need (brainstormings or collective work for example).

👉 Office work increases the sense of belonging.

It helps new employees learning to know the company and its habits.

👉 Homeworking saves significant commuting time.

👉 Mobility is part of the story (use of co-working spaces with mobility budget)

What about your company?

How do you plan to evolve in the coming months?

Homeworking on a first of April when your kids are at home has nothing to do with usual homeworking

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