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How to know if the electric car range is enough for my car usage?

Or which battery size is the right for me?

Some insights:

📌 Visit the website "A better route planner".

Screenshot of the website

Check with the cars you have in mind.

Play with parameters.

Check the impact on your trip time compare (incl. pause)

to what you are used to do.

Cars available on today’s market have already a significant autonomy.

📌 Compare the car efficiency (and consumptions) on EV Database.

EV Consumption sorted

📌 Consider a car that will satisfy your needs 80% to 90% of the time and rent one of the remaining time.

For Mobility and fleet manager, this is something you can offer with the mobility budget.

📌 A French startup launched EP Tender batteries: a trolley with batteries to be used for a longer route.

❓What do you think about this?

📰 Some other #EV news:

📎 Ford Motor Company launched geofencing on its plugin hybrid utility vehicles to force electric mode when entering a low emission zone.

📎 Brussels government appointed Sibelga on-street EV charging in Brussels.

📎 In the Netherlands, you can choose for flexible electricity price (varying hour by hour).

For this reason, Laadje has been launched to play with it in order to reduce the charging price of EV’s.

Curious to see the impact on the load balancing.


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