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How green is cycling 🚲?

Here are the three key findings:

"🚲 Cycling has a carbon footprint of about 21g of CO2 per kilometre. That’s less than walking or getting the bus and less than a tenth the emissions of driving

🚲 About three-quarters of cycling’s greenhouse gas emissions occur when producing the extra food required to “fuel” cycling, while the rest comes from manufacturing the bicycle

🚲 Electric bikes have an even lower carbon footprint than conventional bikes because fewer calories are burned per kilometre, despite the emissions from battery manufacturing and electricity use"

Other mobility news of the week:

72% of Belgians wants to do something but they do not know what to do. Mobility is part of this story.

For this reason, mobility shift requires change management which is one of our focus at Next Mobility | Mobility Management, Mobility Hubs, Mobility Products

📍 The Electric Vehicle Experience from J.D. Power shows that 77% of the drivers moving to EV will not come back to classic cars (in the US).

📍 "Electric Cars Are Better for the Planet – and Often Your Budget, Too" said the New York Times with this well-done chart:

📍 Vendée Globe first skippers are expected today. What an amazing race!


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