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Do you know Mindful Mobility? 🚗 🚲 🛴 🚊 🚆 🚍 🧠

Mindful mobility is a new trend growing fast among post-COVID workers and boosted by new generations entering the labour market 💼 .

What is Mindful mobility?

Mindful mobility and mobility budget

Mindful Mobility consists of the constant optimisation of each of your journeys, trips and commuting by considering a combination of parameters:

1.⏱ How much time am I prepared to spend on this journey?

2. 🛋 What comfort do I need and what are the benefits?

3.🌳 What’s my contribution and environmental impact?

Each of those 3 parameters has a different weight depending on your sensibilities, needs and values at a given moment and is combined with external conditions like weather, traffic, distance, parking possibilities at the destination, stopovers to make etc.

Based on those parameters you decide consciously about the most appropriate way to go from A to B.

What does it change in company policies?

The worker still expects his employer to pay for his mobility: the traditional model was easy; the company car and fuel card made every employee happy. Surveys showed that today employees will favor an employer that cares about their flexible mobility needs.

What’s the secret to attracting these new mindful mobility workers?

The federal government was visionary by launching the mobility budget. The mobility budget makes it possible to combine the company car with a vast panel of mobility solutions for the whole family that can be spent in the whole of the European economic area and even reward workers living close to their workplace.

With the mobility budget, every worker has an individual flexible solution to his mobility needs and freely chooses and optimises his family's mobility. AMAZINGLY how powerful this offer is! A must-have by every company that wants to recruit and retain the best talents in the coming years!

Instead of choosing only a car that’s always too big for day-to-day use and too small for the holidays a new incredible panel of possibilities is offered by the employer AT THE SAME COST.

Imagine you are able with the same budget to have a polyvalent electric lease car all services included + finance a family to be able to bring the kids to school and even a second one for the kids with insurance and maintenance and safety equipment + a bicycle for the kids + go on holiday by train and rent a campervan at arrival + go to a concert by public transport and come back home with a taxi or a Uber + go to the station by car, pay the parking and use to train to go to work and finish the trip with a shared step + pay part of your rent + + +… incredible but real!

Same cost for the employer, maximum of possibilities for the employee! No kidding, why didn’t you offer it in your company?

To complicated? I had the chance to implement it in many companies with incredible results on employee satisfaction and talent retention!

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