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Tool #2 - Parking Management

6 Tools 🛠 to boost 📈 mindful 💡 mobility🚶‍♀️🚲 🚌 🚕 🚗 within your company 🏢 :

Tool #2 - Parking Management

What do we mean by parking management?

It is a dynamic way of parking spot allocation according to predefined rules.

Those rules can define who has a higher priority to get a parking spot (electric vehicles, people with fewer alternatives to the car, the ones who have not come by car for a long time, etc.)

Why implement parking management?

1️⃣ It's reassuring! especially if you have to charge your EV at work. It helps planning the day to come by car or not.

2️⃣ Dynamic parking management is an excellent lever to incentivize sustainable mobility because people will think before booking to optimize their chance to get a parking spot when needed.

3️⃣ Rules are clearly defined and shared, everybody knows them upfront. There is no need to come at 6 a.m. to get a parking spot.

What are the main success factors according to our experience?

1️⃣ User-friendliness: it has to be easy and quick

2️⃣ Lead by example: if the management plays the game, the impact is even stronger

3️⃣ Combined with electrification and charging points booking it becomes a must.


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