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Would the homeworking solve the mobility issues in Belgium?

Benoit Laine and Coraline Daubresse from the Federal Planning Bureau tried to answer this question in a recent report.

And this answer is not as clear as expected as you can see in the illustration from La Libre (with François Mathieu).

Their model shows a drop in terms of transport usage

But much lower than 40% of homeworking used in their modelling.

To summarize homeworking is part of the solution clearly but additional measures need to be considered as well.

Note that some side effect of homeworking on real estate, for example, have not been considered here.

For example, people leaving cities to enjoy working in more rural areas.

Other mobility news:

📍 Lydia Peeters announced that 30.000 extra charging points for EV will be installed in Flanders

📍 Elia published his paper on the impact of electrification on the Belgian Grid

📍 An app that helps commuters reduce carbon emissions has been recently launched by the Beijing government.

I'm curious to see its impact

📍 Yesterday CQFD on La Première (RTBF) with Arnaud Ruyssen and Aline Delvoye came back on the Transport & Environment (T&E) study regarding the plug-in hybrid vehicles.

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