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"To what extent can supporting carpooling reduce road congestion?"

The idea is to create a policy mix of stick and carrot measures to increase the occupation rate of cars in Belgium from 1.44 to 1.50.

The carpooling potential is limited in Belgium. Only 40% of the trips are commutes.

Less than 10% of the passengers-kilometres done for commutes are carpooled.

We can all imagine the reason why: the lack of flexibility, the "extra km" required, the kids, etc. which make at the end other solution such as public transport or bike even better.

The carrot measures can encourage carpooling but this comes at a high cost for public finances.

Stick measures such as flat road charge will encourage carpooling but also public transport and actives modes.

Carpooling is often shown as an excellent solution on paper but quite complex in practice.

Some other mobility news:

📌 De Ambrassade and VDAB published the results of their "Expeditie Werk".

The 3 main factors to choose for a job are the job content, the location and the salary.

i.e. The location has much more impact that the company car


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