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The impact of the lockdown and its easing on mobility

Impact of Covid-19 on Mobility (source: Apple)

When looking at the mobility data provided by Google and Apple we see the clear rupture when the lockdown starts. Since the end of March, walking 🚶‍♀️and driving 🚙 are growing slightly again.

Evolution of bikes in Brussels

The impact on #bicycles 🚲 usage in #Brussels can be deducted from the Brussels Environment 's open data. There we see that at some points the level is even higher than before (as it can be observed on the streets by the way). Today Elke Van den Brandt announced the creation of 40 km of additional bike lanes in Brussels. What will be the impact on the lockdown on your mobility? How sustainable this impact will be? Take 5 minutes to answer the survey from Maestromobile and Espaces-Mobilités (FR and NL) or comment on this post. It is a good opportunity to move to a complete mobility management strategy in your company and introduce for example bicycle leasing. #bike #commuting #ebikes #bicycle #cycling #bikes #mobility #mobilitymanagement #goodmove #commute #commute #commuters

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