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"New (im)mobility: Can we avoid the private car revenge?"

Today I would like to share this interesting article from Joel Hazan, Pierre-François Marteau and Benjamin Fassenot (reference in the comments). Main elements I share: 📉 The lockdown highlights the fundamental link between mobility, socio-economic development and the environment. See for example the anti-correlation between GDP and air quality.

🏡 The promotion of immobility i.e. working from home. As we are forced to homework, we have to be creative to make this newest way of working work

🚲 Bicycle usage is growing significantly (see my post of last week)

🛴 Shared mobility and public transport will suffer from the lockdown and the social distancing. How all the shared mobility (ride-hailing and micromobility) operators will manage this?

🏙 The deployment of new bike lanes and other infrastructure (as the one on the rue de la loi / wetstraat) will help preventing a long-term supremacy of solo car users. How this will impact the daily commutes? It is the right timing to implement a mobility policy (incl. #bike, #eV, #MaaS, etc.).

Bicycle lane rue de la loi
Source: Le Soir (Belga)


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