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More than ever, mobility management is needed in this post-COVID period.

Last week, FOD Mobiliteit en Vervoer / SPF Mobilité et Transports published the results of the BeMob survey: Impact of the Covid-19 on the mobility habits of Belgians.

According to this report, those habits may not change after Covid-19.

Evolution of the mobility habits before and after covid

There is now a momentum to change the way people move and commute.

We, the mobility experts, have a role to play now to make people change by supporting companies, administrations, authorities in this.

Some take away from the Bemob survey:

📌 62% wants to do more homeworking.

The COVID demonstrates that homeworking is feasible and highlights it as a real solution to limit commutes.

Willingness to homework

Homeworking evolution

📌 90% does not want to change their mobility mean.

Willingness to change mode of transport

📌 In opposition with this 30% plans to bike or walk more for leisure purposes

📌 27% thinks COVID will have a long term impact

Expected long term impact

📌 20% wants to reduce their amount of trips

📌 A mobility shift is happening but mainly from public transport to bike or walk.

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