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More public transport than cars in Brussels

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

Acerta published his analysis on the way people #commute in #Brussels.

Some conclusions (figures include #multimodal commutes): 📌 Results are different for #Brussels than the rest of the country due to his better accessibility with #publictransport 📌 45,9% of the people working in Brussels use public transport for their commute. It is more than last year and more than the one using their car which confirms the previous point. The national average is 8,3% 📌 The #bike part is increasing up to 13% which remain bellow the #Belgium average of 30,5%. Infrastructures are improving and bike leasing is booming which contribute to this. 📌 77,5% is the national average of #commuters using cars vs 45,3% in Brussels The #GoodMove should support this trend for the coming years. The move from fleet management to mobility management as well.


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