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Diagnostic fédéral sur les déplacements domicile-travail

Some interesting insights from the "Diagnostic fédéral sur les déplacements domicile-travail / federale diagnostiek woon-werkverkeer 2017" (published in March 2019):

  • More and more employers provide alternative mobility solutions with strong positive impact on their employees commutes

  • Bicycle (incl. electric bikes) and homeworking have increased since 2014

  • The car remain mostly used even for the distance shorter than 5 km (for which alternative such as bicycle, electric bicycle or even walking should exist)

  • The location and its accessibility with public transport is key (from 2,5 to 67% of public transport usage)

  • Parking management is a key element to push for alternative to the car

Curious to see how the mobility budget and the new mobility solutions will impact this, how do you see it evolving?


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