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🚘⚡️ "Are you sure that all cars will be electric in the future? I don't believe it"

I get so many times this question from family and friends.

Some elements to answer this question:

1️⃣MyCO2 par Carbone 4 illustrated recently quite well that on average the car is one of the biggest emission sources of a family in France (I guess in Belgium too): more than 20%.

There is room for improvement. For example, according toFOD Mobiliteit en Vervoer / SPF Mobilité et Transports 50% of the commutes smaller than 5 km are done by car.

2️⃣ The STOP (1🚶‍♀️2🚴 3🚋 4🚙) and ASI (Avoid: do not move; Shift: use alternative; Improve: electrify) principles remain key. We focus too much on the "I : improve". Alternatives to the car exist and can be used more than we often think.

Coaching (André Simonart-Next Mobility | Mobility Strategy, Mobility Optimisation, Mobility Shift) and long-term test sessions & experimentation (Guillaume Servonnat, Xavier Tackoen, Diego Eggermont-Maestromobile) make this mobility switch a reality.

EV are better for the environment after a few tens of thousands of kilometres (Rodolphe MEYER details all the scientific sources in one of his videos)

But, Jerome MeessenandBenoît MartinfromCLIMACTexplain how the car fleet in Belgium has to decrease 📉 from 6 to 1,7 - 2,5 million (shared) vehicles to meet climate targets in a recent podcast of "Declic - Le Tournant" done byRTBF-Arnaud Ruyssenabout electric vehicles.

3️⃣ Cars are part of the solution but not all cars. Aurélien Bigo explains it: cars should be electric, small, light and efficient to increase the benefits of electrification. Check his posts or his recent interview by Vinz Kanté on

Recently European Trade Union Institute (ETUI)published a report "Heavier, faster and less affordable cars" which details the current trend going in the opposite direction.

Transport & Environment (T&E) illustrated also in his recent briefing regarding Euro 7 how benefits from carmakers increased in 2021, 2022).

You want to check by yourself? Visit the website "Carsized".

Prices and weight increase and the electrification is not the only reason. It is the case for most of the cars.

It is maybe a reason why we see more and more Chinese 🇨🇳 cars on our streets.

4️⃣ The question of the holiday trips with the family and the range anxiety always pops up.

My advice: VisitA Better Routeplannerto check the impact on specific trip and talk to people using their EV to make long trip.

I am looking for testimonials of EV owner specially regarding this range anxiety. How do you manage your long trip? Do you still face range anxiety today? Do you have the feeling to loose time?

Please comment of send me MP. Thanks 🙏🏻

Of course I will aggregate and share the results.


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