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47% of the companies would move from a car policy 🚗 to a mobility policy 🚙 🚲 🚌 🚞

This came out of the Company Cars Report published by link2fleet Belgium.

Here are some other highlights:

📍 Even if homeworking and online meeting remain the main alternative learned from the covid crisis, the multimodality increase is the second one with 76%.

📍 82% of the companies have implemented or are working on the implementation of a mobility plan

📍 69% of the companies work or want to work with a partner to implement a mobility policy.

📍 45% of the companies plan to implement the legal mobility budget.

📍 E-bikes, homeworking and public transport are the top three to be included in a mobility budget.

📍 Change management is one of the main barriers to the implementation with the location.

Next Mobility is an independent partner to implement your mobility policy the efficient way including change management as one of the key element.

Other mobility news:

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